1100 Berkshire Boulevard

What We Are All About:

First and foremost, welcome to Spartan Properties! Spartan Properties is a real estate property investment and management company with a well defined mission of developing, acquiring and managing the highest quality corporate, professional and medical complexes throughout Berks and surrounding counties.

What Makes Us Different From The Others:

As a locally-based and privately-owned company, we personally own and manage all of our complexes. We have a vested interest in the condition of our properties and therefore manage them ourselves, locally, to insure that our properties are well maintained and provide a showcase for your business. We believe that no one takes as good a care of a complex than that of a vested OWNER!

560 Van Reed Road

We Understand What Is Important, "Our Clients!":

Our business is built on repeat clients, providing unparalleled service as new clients transition into their new space, exceeding our clients expectations in all areas including facility maintenance and repair, and most of all understanding that each of our clients is unique and has specific needs concerning their space.

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